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Elizabeth Andrews High

Dekalb County Schools


Resources and Information


Mrs. Teia Thompson serves as the Mentoring Coordinator at Elizabeth Andrews High School.  The mentoring committee has been in the process of updating the mentor/mentee list. Approximately 75% of the staff serves as mentors. If you are interested in becoming a mentor at Elizabeth Andrews High School, contact Mrs. Teia Thompson at 678-676-2630.


Mrs. Thompson serves as the ASVAB Coordinator. Students who are interested in joining the military can contact Ms. Thompson to take the ASVAB test. 

Advanced Placement and Scholarship Center

Ms. Pinson is the Advanced Placement Coordinator.

Students, do you want to…

  • Get a head start on college and college-level work?
  • Improve your writing skills?
  • Commit to academic challenges?
  • Broaden your intellectual horizon?

Sign up for an Advanced Placement course in Biology, Environmental Science, English Literature, Microeconomics, or Statistics. These courses help students gain an edge in college preparation, help them broaden their intellectual horizons, and assist them in improving writing skills and developing better study habits. When students enroll in AP classes, they increase their chances of getting numerous college scholarship offers. If you want more information, please contact your counselor.


Ms. Angela Pinson is currently the contact person for S.A.T./A.C.T. testing.  Students who currently receive free or reduced lunch may quality for waivers of fees for S.A.T./A.C.T. and college application fees.  Students are welcome to make appointments to obtain more information about the S.A.T./A.C.T. tests or for help with college applications.  Upcoming test dates are posted in the counseling office and on the Counseling Bulletin Board. 

College Entrance Examination Board

Code Number for Elizabeth Andrews High School: 110693
Students will use this number when applying to college and completing the S.A.T./A.C.T. application.

Scholarship Resources

If you need assistance with your college admission application or help with obtaining grants, scholarships, or loans to attend college, please contact your counselor. We have many different types of financial aid packets to help you obtain information about how to finance college or technical colleges.  Don’t let the lack of money keep you from going to college.  We can help if you help yourself by improving your overall academic achievement in school.  Visit the Parent Center soon because deadlines are rapidly approaching for some of the scholarships.

504 Program

Ms. Akila Scott serves as the 504 Coordinator, helping to ensure that students’ individual needs are accommodated.  The counseling department works in conjunction with the Exceptional Education department and federally regulated programs pertaining to student with special needs.  Appropriate support is accomplished by meeting with parents, teachers, students, the school psychologist and representatives of these program to establish appropriate student plans and to ensure the execution of these plans.  If you would like more information concerning the 504 Program, please contact Ms. Scott, Counselor at 678-676-2627.