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Elizabeth Andrews High

Dekalb County Schools

Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements

DCSD Promotion and Retention Policy

Students who enter the ninth grade in 2005-2006 and beyond are required to complete 360 hours (24 units) in order to meet the requirements for graduation.  The requirements for promotion are as follows:

      1.      To the tenth grade:  90 hours (6 units), three (3) of which must be core courses+

               And three (3) elective courses

      2.      To the eleventh grade:  180 hours (12 units), six (6) of which must be core courses+ and six (6) elective courses

      3.      To the twelfth grade:  270 hours (18 units), nine (9) core courses+ and (9) electives

             +Core courses include English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and World Language

Required Action: All seniors must submit the Senior Checkout Form for graduation. The form can be accessed here.

Diploma Replacement: Please see the attached document that contains the procedure for requesting a replacement diploma. 

Please complete the "Request for Transcript" form. TRANSCRIPTS ARE FREE!