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Elizabeth Andrews High

Dekalb County Schools

Head Counselor's Message

From the Desk of Mrs. Mary L. Whitmore, Head Counselor

The Counseling Department welcomes students who enroll in August, September, December, and March representing every high school in DeKalb County.

Many students come to Elizabeth Andrews High School who might not otherwise have been able to graduate on time, while others hope to graduate early. Just being at Elizabeth Andrews High School, however, doesn’t ensure graduation. As our students already know, the curriculum is the same as the other DeKalb schools, but the pace is accelerated. This means that to be successful at Elizabeth Andrews, our students must be disciplined and serious about their education.

Students are encouraged to make appointments to see their counselors to discuss graduation requirements and post-secondary options plans, to get college and financial aid information, and to discuss life issues or any problems they are experiencing.

To help students reach their academic goals, our most important role is to serve as advocates for our students. Parents should urge their children to make counseling appointments.

Now is the time to begin applying to four-year and technical colleges. Some applications are available in the Counseling Office or online, while others may be obtained by writing directly to the college.

Completed applications with fees and stamped addressed envelopes may be brought to the Counseling Office.  We will send official transcripts to colleges. If you have not yet taken the S.A.T. or A.C.T., register now.  Forms are available in our office.

Elizabeth Andrews High School Counseling Department is involved in assisting students in planning and managing their personal career development. We are committed to preparing and equipping students with the necessary resources in order to be successful in their chosen careers. Students’ will be prepared for their roles as lifelong learners and socially responsible, productive citizens. We will continue to provide exceptional service to ensure that students are Elizabeth Andrews High School “Choose Success.”

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