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Elizabeth Andrews High

Dekalb County Schools

Karen Gordon

Assistant Principal of Instruction

Assistant Principal of Instruction

We Choose Success
Karen L. Gordon

Assistant Principal responsible for Curriculum and Instruction at EAHS.

It is my goal to work with administrative leaders and professional staff to design, implement and deliver a core curriculum that fulfills the DeKalb County School district’s mission to serve each student’s unique learning requirements and goal to reach high school completion.

Curriculum and Instruction at EAHS supports the strategic alignment of standards-based curriculum, instruction, and assessment that provides a meaningful grading and reporting system that communicates clearly with all stakeholders about student achievement.

The mission of Curriculum and Instruction at EAHS is to provide leadership, service and support for the development and implementation of a comprehensive curriculum to ensure that all learners achieve academic success. As a result, instruction at EAHS is focused on "success for all students."

More importantly, students in our schools today will be the leaders of our world tomorrow. Students, teachers, parents, administrators and community partners must work together to ensure that each individual in every classroom develops the inner motivation and external inspiration to value learning at every step of their school life and beyond. It is our shared responsibility to provide our students, who are young adults, with the experiences which will enable them to develop their skills, confidence and curiosity to become lifelong learners in a world that will continually change.