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Elizabeth Andrews High

Dekalb County Schools

Joyce Johnson-Frederick

Assistant Principal of Attendance

Assistant Principal for Attendance

We Choose Success
Dr. Joyce A. Frederick

Regular and prompt attendance at school is a family responsibility. The school, likewise, bears responsibility to assist families by supporting their efforts to ensure school attendance. Absences from school, tardiness, and class cuts all result in lost and irretrievable instructional time. In order for a student to receive academic credit, he/she must attend school regularly. Failure to do so will result in consequences. When students exceed the allowed number of excused absences, it puts them in danger of failing and ultimately they will be dropped from their class/classes. Regular punctual attendance and academic achievement are necessary to reaching the academic goal of high school completion. Students need to put forth every effort to refrain from accumulating unnecessary absences.

The Attendance Policy is designed to assist families but does not transfer responsibility for attendance and punctuality to the school. It remains the responsibility of the family to monitor student attendance and punctuality. Elizabeth Andrews High School will maintain a fair and consistent attendance policy for all students.

It is clear that there is a direct connection between attendance, punctuality and achievement. Students are, therefore, expected to be present each day of the school year unless officially excused.