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Attention Graduating Seniors!!!

Commencement 2017-2018

The Graduation Committee is seeking students who would like to be considered for the opportunity to be the student speaker for the Elizabeth Andrews High School Commencement. 

A questionnaire was prepared by the committee, and interested students will be required to thoughtfully respond to a select number of questions.  The students with the most poignant and articulate responses will be given a second opportunity to be selected.  Eventually, the field of interested students will be reduced to one student. 

At this time, the students who have shown an interest in the opportunity to become our graduation speaker are: 

Isaiah Moody

LeRon Brown

Deja Cox

Jlynn Whithead

Faith Smith

Trevelyan Biford

Janeth Velazquez

Michael Tidwell

Aundria Johnson


The Committee extends congratulations to all of our graduates and Good Luck to the student who is chosen to become this year’s Speaker!