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Students enrolling at Elizabeth Andrews High School must be at least 16 years of age and have earned enough credits to be promoted to the 10th grade.

For students entering the 9th grade prior to 2005-06, you must have a minimum of 5 credits.

For students entering the 9th grade in 2005-2006 or later, you must have minimum of six credits…3 credits must be in the core subjects (English, Math, Science, Social Studies or World Languages) and 3 in any elective classes.

Registration Fees -
Students 20 years and older are required to pay a $30.00 registration fee.  Only cash or money orders are accepted.

In order to register you must have the following paperwork with you from your last school (either a DeKalb County High School or any school outside the county):

Transcripts -
Withdrawal forms from previous school
Discipline Records
Test Records
Current Georgia Certificate of Immunization (form 3231)
Out of state certificates must be taken to the local health center or your
physician for a Georgia certificate
Ear, Eye & Dental certificate (form 3300)
Proof of age (if new to DeKalb County School)(birth certif., driver’s license)
Copy of Social Security Card (requested for HOPE – not required for registration.)

Proof of Residence – Verification that student lives in the DeKalb county school district.
Students are required by law to live with a parent or court appointed guardian until the student is at least 18 years of age.
Acceptable proofs of residence are:
current (within 30 days of registration) gas, electric or water bills in the name of the parent or legal guardian, or current apartment lease and must show parent name and address.

Unacceptable proofs of residence are:
Telephone bills, cable bills, bank statements, insurance statements, etc.

If a student is 18 years of age or older, he/she may provide one of the above in his/her name. If student does not have one of the above in his/her name, then a notarized affidavit of legal residence must be completed. This form must be completed at Elizabeth Andrews and signed in the presence of a school official. In order to complete an affidavit, the homeowner must accompany the student to school. The homeowner must bring: Picture ID and two current utility bills (see above) or one bill and one lease. In addition, the student MUST have proof he/she is living at the address. This can be any mail received at that address, Georgia ID or Georgia driver’s license. Without all of the above, an affidavit cannot be completed and the student cannot be registered.


Please adhere to the following:
• Temporary or "school guardianship" for students under age 18 may be obtained from DeKalb County Probate Court, 404-371-2892. Notarized statements from parent are not acceptable.
• A Driver's License may NOT be used as proof of residency.
• Forms 3231 and 3300 may be obtained from the North DeKalb Health Center or private shysician.
• It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to retrieve records from the previous school.
• A student who was born outside of the United States and has never been enrolled in a DeKalb County school must first go to the DeKalb International Welcome Center to begin the registration process. The DeKalb International Welcome Center address is 1701 Mountain Industrial Road, Stone Mountain GA 30083. The telephone number is 678-676-6602.

For more information regarding registration, please call 678-676-2602
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