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Elizabeth Andrews High School Counseling Department is dedicated to serving the individual needs of each student. The counseling staff is committed to providing services and support to students, school staff, and parents to empower each student to achieve his/her educational, career and personal goals. Counselors work with students individually and in groups to aid in personal, social, career and educational development. A student's counselor assignment is based upon the first letter of their last name.

Our staff offers Guidance and Counseling in four major areas: personal, academic, college decision-making and post-high school careers. Counselors at Elizabeth Andrews High School conduct student and parent conferences, group and individual counseling regarding personal and academic issues, assist with career decision making, college selection and application, provide scholarship and financial aid information for post-secondary education and training, career and college information sessions, and career day programs. The Counseling staff is available to assist students in exploring career and post-secondary options as well as scholarship and financial aid opportunities.

Counselors work with the total school team to ensure school success for "all" students.


During the 9 week semester, counselors arrange meeting times with students to discuss academic status, and graduation evaluations. At other times, students are encouraged to make an appointment to meet with their counselor, except in crisis situations. Appointments can be made before school, between classes if time permits, during lunch, or after school. Appointments can be arranged through the guidance office secretary. Students are responsible for securing an appointment confirmation from the counseling office and MUST have permission from the teacher before leaving the classroom

The Counseling Department Secretary handle requests for appointments, transcripts, ASVAB registration, information regarding school withdrawal or transfer and immunization forms.


All students are required to successfully complete 24 units of study in the required subject areas.  Students who entered 9th grade before 2011 must pass the Georgia High School Graduation Tests in 5 areas to receive a diploma. A Certificate of Performance is given to a student who completes all course work towards the diploma but does not pass all requirements of the graduation test. A Certificate of Performance cannot be used as a diploma and will not assist with any post secondary options for a student. A high school diploma must be received.  Students who entered 9th grade in 2011 and beyond are not required to pass the GHSGT Series, but are required to pass the GHSGT Writing Test.
If a student has not passed any portion of the GHSGT after four attempts, and they meet the criteria for a state waiver or variance, they should submit in writing to the DeKalb Board of Education a letter requesting consideration for a variance. In the letter, you must indicate the section(s) of the test for which you are requesting consideration and give permission for your DeKalb County School System to release any records regarding the waiver request to the State Board of Education. To be eligible for a waiver or variance, a student should have successfully passed the "End-of-Course Test(s) (EOCT) related to the section (s) of the GHSGT or the GHSWT in which the variance is being sought. (If an end of course test was not available for the course when you took it, the State Board of Education may waive this requirement. Criteria for waivers and variances can be found at

College Entrance Examination Board
Code Number for Elizabeth Andrews High School: 110693
Students will use this number when applying to college and completing the SAT/ACT application.
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